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'What were you doing 30 years ago?

30 years ago, in 1985, Tecnadyne delivered its first thrusters, six Model 1020’s that were installed on the original RTV-500 built by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES) of Tokyo. Since that time, we have manufactured and delivered over 6,000 thrusters, including more than 600 of the Model 1020. And even though the Model 1020 that we build today incorporates over 32 design revisions to improve reliability, efficiency and maintainability – that thruster is still 100% compatible with the Model 1020 that was installed on that first RTV-500 system some 30 years ago. This means that, after 30 years, MES (or any of our customers) can still purchase or repair a Model 1020 thruster to keep its fleet of ROV’s working. And in those 30 years, the Model 1020 thruster has powered vehicles to the Titanic, that discovered JFK’s PT-109 in the Pacific, that participated in record depth wellhead completions off the coast of West Africa, that discovered lost cities in the Black Sea, that have scoured the world’s oceans for mines, and that have successfully completed thousands of routine subsea missions. And the Model 1020 thruster is still being installed on new ROV and AUV systems worldwide.

And, like the Model 1020, Tecnadyne’s twenty-one other thruster models have also served the offshore community with reliability, high performance and cost effectiveness – but none for quite as long as the Model 1020’s 30 years. Tecnadyne is constantly developing and releasing new thruster models, with 2 new models released in 2012 and 2 models being released in 2014.

It is Tecnadyne’s commitment to its customers and to the subsea community that no vehicle system, be it an ROV, an AUV, a manned submersible or any other subsea system, will ever be made obsolete because the Tecnadyne thrusters installed on that system are no longer available for a reasonable and competitive price.

So, for your next ROV, AUV or manned submersible build or purchase, be sure to specify only genuine Tecnadyne thrusters. You, your operators, your technicians and your customers will be glad you did – for the next 30 years. 





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