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A large portion of Tecnadyne's manufacturing activity involves the design, fabrication, assembly and development of customized subsea systems to satisfy the unique requirements of our customers.   Often these custom designs are special variations of our standard products - a thruster with titanium housings, custom CNC'd propellers and a special subsea connector, for example.      

And sometimes these custom designs are completely new and innovative, drawing upon our wealth of expertise in the subsea and other fields - an ultra quiet thruster only 58mm long yet producing in excess of 10kg thrust used in nuclear inspection, for example. 

The Tecnadyne engineering staff, with its history designing a wide variety of subsea systems, including ROV's & AUV's and many of the critical subsystems, is always willing to entertain and tackle new and challenging projects in the subsea world. Please contact us with your project requirements at the early stages of your product design process so that we may offer the most effective design assistance.

 Areas of Expertise...
•Subsea propulsion - propeller, thruster & propulsion system design and manufacturing for ROV's, AUV's, manned submersibles and other subsea systems.
•ROV's, AUV's & manned submersibles - system level design & consulting and manufacturing of major subsystems.
•Subsea hydraulics - design and manufacture of all aspects of subsea hydraulic systems, including miniaturized hydraulics and ultra high pressure hydraulics.
•Pressure vessels - design and manufacture of subsea pressure vessels for any depth using exotic materials and techniques such as titanium, aluminum / titanium composite structure, carbon fiber composites, etc.
•Structures - design and manufacture of highly stressed structures and structures of least weight.