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Tecnadyne Launches AUV Thruster Line

High Efficiency Brushless DC AUV Thrusters

For over 30 years Tecnadyne has been a leader in the worldwide subsea robotics industry, manufacturing underwater brushless DC propulsion systems, rotary and linear actuators, pan and tilt positioners, hydraulic power units, position sensors, and pressure compensators for use on Remotely Operated Vehicles, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, manned submersibles and other subsea platforms.

Many leading ROV manufacturers (ECA Robotics, Deep Ocean Engineering, Outland Technology and Shark Marine to name a few) use Tecnadyne thrusters on their vehicles.  These companies value Tecnadyne’s commitment to workmanship, quality and absolute reliability and recognize that this results in the most dependable and long lasting thrusters in the industry.  Tecnadyne products are presently being used on thousands of vehicles throughout the world, operated by many leading offshore oil service companies, universities and research institutions. Recent customers include Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Stanford University, University of Washington APL, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, GE Nuclear, Oceaneering International, Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding, L-3 and Electric Boat.

Tecnadyne has recently focused its attention on the growing AUV market and the need for higher efficiency thrusters.  AUV specific thrusters share many characteristics with Tecnadyne’s other products – maximum performance and reliability in the harshest of environments. However, unlike an ROV or manned submersible, the optimal AUV thruster must be purpose analyzed, designed and manufactured to provide the highest achievable performance within a performance window that is unique to each different AUV. Using sophisticated computational fluid dynamics and solid modelling tools, Tecnadyne is able to design both the propeller and the motor / gearbox assembly that will achieve the highest efficiency for the performance profile of each unique AUV. And with its advanced prototype fabrication capabilities, Tecnadyne is able to manufacture AUV specific propellers and entire thruster assemblies in a timely and cost effective manner.

The performance achievements are the result of Tecnadyne’s holistic approach to optimizing gearbox function and redesigning the propeller.  Tecnadyne believes that the high efficiency AUV Brushless Thrusters represent a significant new market contender, either for retrofit or installation at new build stage.  They have successfully developed a series of models with thrust capabilities ranging from 30lbf to 240lbf of forward thrust at speeds to 10 knots.

Product Features of the AUV Brushless Thruster:

  • Brushless DC motor for maximum performance and longevity
  • Magnetically coupled propeller drive eliminates all rotating shaft seals for optimum reliability
  • Compound planetary gearbox and high rpm motor allows for a compact design
  • Propeller designed for increased efficiency at various speeds
  • Voltage options between 48 and 330vdc